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(New distribution special !! 12/18 ~ 12/26 for a limited time $ 12.98) Passing a remote rotor at the waiting room and inserting it into Omata starts shooting. First of all, self-introduction interview. Staff in the middle of talking on remote control switch on! "Mu!" Mio is surprised with sudden vibration. I turned the rotor on and off during the interview, I felt a little troubled. Mio, who died soon after she started masturbation, is a sensitive body. And, although it shines a little, it opens it! I passed an electric bullet, and hit it for a pussy and I will pass away soon again. I will be given guards by various postures and will pass away at that time. Apparently it seems like a good constitution. An actor who became a bing in there appeared. A cuff on the arm, a hand-man attack after being deprived of freedom of hand. Mio who is feeling too much and groaning is "No good ~ I will pass away ~". Even though I do what I do, my consciousness makes me feel like it, but it is very scary as "Oh, that's good feeling ~". And finally cum shot finish at the top right!

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