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I think everyone also some experience, and suddenly, salesman comes stormed to when you are relaxing at home, but it is bad? But, we have also people who would be willing in the world. This time, HEYZO first appearance of the girls, one person among Kurosaki Yuri also of such people.Ding-dong, and because the chime has become, when I come out, the salesman of sex toys there.Yuri-chan would up in the "talk only",. Is masturbation? During and chestnut, do you like better?And to etch a barrage of questions. In the meantime, I decided to try out. Ma, dildo, rotor and, Yuri became a Omankogu Cheonggu John in a variety of toys, not stop mode! After all, it is Shaburitsui to raw Chin salesman to not be satisfied with just a toy. Hey I want on doing if this door-to-door sales.

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